Cold Rolled Steel Sheet

Cold-rolled steel sheets (CR) is a product that satisfies the thickness and mechanical characteristics that our customers demand which is produced by removing the scalesfrom the surface of the roll-type hot coil steel sheet using hydrochloric acid or sulfuric acid, and then compressing and undergoing annealing heat treatment.

Electrolytically Galvanized Steel Sheets

Electrolytic Galvanized Steel Sheets (EGI) is produced by electrogildingzinc with cold-rolled steel sheets (CR) to enhance corrosion resistance, and while it has less zinc gilded than hot-dip galvanized steel sheets (GI), the gilded layer is even and the surface clean and maintains the mechanical characteristics of CRs because the gilding is done at a low temperature.

Hot-dip Galvanized Steel Sheets

Hot-dip galvanized steel sheets (GI) are produced by passing the full hard sheet which has undergone the acid washing process and rolling process through the zinc pot, thereby applying zinc film to the surface. GI has a thicker galvanized layer which excellent anti-corrosion qualities, and is the type of steel sheet used most commonly.

Galvannealed Steel Sheets

Galvannealed steel sheets (GA) are produced by reheating the galvanized layer to spread the galvanized zinc and iron materials on the surface to re-coagulate a thin light gray layer of steel-iron alloy. The alloy layer contains about 10% of iron, and compared to pure zinc has less ionization and is stronger in terms of limited surface corrosion. GA is most commonly used in cars that require high-corrosion resistance after spot welding and stamping.